Testing bench

Pulse Maxx Linear Asimetric Matrix

W&dB has designed a new high performance system of vertical alignment, revolutionary in its concept, conceived with a rectangular architecture with

very little depth and asymmetrical matrix geometry, taking special care in that the acoustic centers are the closest to each other.

The Pulse Maxx model extends the Pulse family with this high-performance system, it is an evolution of the previous Pulse but, in this case, with a three – way and higher power (4.040 W). The idea to get that solution was proposed to us by Tino Pérez and Manu Méndez, with the purpose to save space when loading trucks. Tino Pérez’s company needed to move a single trailer to transport the sound equipment of one of its shows to the different concerts in the northern area of ​​Spain, the system they used was a “Line Array” system of double 12 “large format of 24 units and twelve double 18 ” subwoofers, this system is transported on a skate individually, and the subwoofers in three, on top of another skate.

This system offered them a good quality of sound and performance, the problem was the assembly and disassembly and above all, it required practically a complete trailer for the transport of this sound equipment.

Tino Pérez is a PA and Studio veteran sound engineer, he has always been characterized for making extraordinarily well-made mixes, being one of the best around here, he proposed to Alejandro Díaz to design and manufacture a flat system that incorporates four 12 “, four 6 “and its corresponding high frequency waveguide.

The initial idea for the high frequency was to use 1 “compression drivers, however, this was discarded and replaced by a matrix with three 1.4” compression drivers of 73 mm diaphragm, larger voice-coil and exit diameter to improve the response in medium and high frequencies, especially to help crossing the crossover with a coil that would allow to make a lower adjustment in the high’s, it was only needed to design some specific waveguides for this new model.

A new high-definition waveguide format with a lot of horizontal opening was designed to improve the coherence and response of this way. The challenge of this design was to get the system to occupy the minimum space possible. They were also designed and manufactured 18 “high performance subwoofers, with are duced height dimension, thus to optimize the load into a truck.
The system was tested in real conditions and adjusted outdoor on Thursday April 18th, where an adjustment test and SPL was also performed

The first impression was really amazing, only with the crossover settings and as mall delay on the mid-range frequencies and it already sounded really good, without any EQ on the DSP, the sound pressure level surprised a lot, compared to the previous system, the performance was much higher, in fact, we are talking about a system of twelve units per side of double 12”, double 6″ and two compression drivers. to obtain in the mixer a range of 120 dB before the master was at 0 dB, in the test we were at -10 dB with the new system and same amplifiers, the coherency was really good, it sounds the same in all parts, the horizontal dispersion is more than 120 ° that is a very important advantage.

It incorporates a new system of fittings and multiple handles for better placement and easy transport. The sound quality and coherence is incredible.

The Pulse Maxx was heard first live on stage with Claxxon, in Orense on April 20th, 2019

The following tests were conducted with Claxxon, a band of “covers” of Pop / Rock integrated by professional musicians of the highest level, the mixing was made by Tino Pérez, according to his words “the system is really good”, he says, that the performance of four units per side is far superior to the old equipment, the surprising thing is that the previous equipment was a large 12 “double format system of twelve units per side, the consistency is much better, the sound quality is unparalleled, the performance is of the highest level and well above the previous system.


When mixing live, everything is different with respect to the other system, the instruments are clearly heard, the voices are perfect, all the information is in place, the dynamic of the Pulse is excellent , the distortion levels are very low, being able to work with a high level of SPL without the system being forced at any moment. The following performance with the Pulse Maxx was in the city of Noia in Galicia on May 26th, in an area of about 200 meters long by 80 meters wide approximately, only with four units of the Pulse Maxx offered a complete coverage in the eighty meters of width even practically at a 90º angle to the sound system, laterally no change is noticed in high frequency, in length the sound was perfectly heard at more than one hundred meters.

Once again, the new system surprised everyone, its brilliant sound and performance is unparalleled, the initial idea was to change a system that took up a lot of space for another one that occupied the minimum possible and also that its sound would be acceptable, the reality is that the Pulse Maxx occupies the same space as a small system, the sound however is enormous in all respects either in quantity and quality.

From now on, Claxxon can save the cost of a complete truck by using this new system, if we include the different costs related to the diesel, maintenance, overhead costs, payroll and taxes, these are close to € 50,000 per year.

In this way and taking into account the different savings, the purchase of this system saves money and it pays itself in a two-years period.

The subwoofer that accompanies the Pulse Maxx is a new model designed specifically for this system, it is characterized by a very high quality and performance, the design has also been optimized so that it occupies the minimum space when loading it, it has a very stylized geometry with a profile of less than 48 cm. in height, this also allows to stack three sub-cabinets under a stage, the design is a ” Bass Reflex ” in symmetrical load.

The character of this sub is forceful and precise, it incorporates the new Beyma 18LEX, which is a wonder in terms of power and performance, since this transducer has a neodymium magnet, the weight of the cabinet is substantially lower.

Rear view of the Pulse Maxx system.

Our approval note granted to this subwoofer is excellent.

Each unit of the Pulse Maxx incorporates many transducers no less than 11 components, this is to say, four 12 ” high sensitivity performance transducers to reproduce the medium low frequency, four 6″ and three compression drivers of 72 mm diaphragm.
A waveguide matrix system with phase correction and three-dimensional conical geometry has been designed, with a perfect transition to the rectangular output.

This multiple waveguide system incorporates a new design that is added in phase in a perfect way among all the other guides of the arrangement, the horizontal dispersion can be variable in option, in this case, this system has a dispersion of more than 120º in horizontal, in long throw, very little energy is lost reaching more than 100 m without problem.

The quality for the high frequency offered by this matrix is ​​excellent, there is hardly any harmonic distortion even with a very low frequency setting that does not disturb and does not cause listening fatigue.
The total radiation surface of the four 12 “and four 6″ is enormous, the dynamics are excellent with brutal sound pressure levels, the sum in phase is also impeccable, it all sounds in front without cancellations, without resonances, far exceeds in sound pressure and quality to most systems we know.


High’s: Three 1.4” neodymium compression drivers continuous ring of high magnetic capacity, with very high sensitivity 112 dB 1w @ 1m. 73 mm diaphragm, titanium dome with coil support in Mylar. 80 W AES. Manufactured by Beyma. Two waveguides with new generation phase correction.

Mid’s: Four 6” ceramic transducers of high capacity and high performance, with a sensitivity of 97 dB 1w @ 1 m. Special double coil of 25 mm. of aluminum on a Kapton former. 250 W AES. Manufactured by Beyma and cutomized for W&dB

Low’s: Four 12 ” neodymium transducers of high magnetic capacity and high performance with a sensitivity of 99 dB 1w @ 1 m. 75 mm coil with Kapton former. 700 W AES. Manufactured by Beyma and customized for W&dB.

Sub’s: Two 18 ” neodymium transducers of high magnetic capacity and high performance with a sensitivity of 98 dB 1w @ 1 m. 100 mm coil with support in Kapton. 1600 W AES. 18LEX Manufactured by Beyma.

PULSE SB 218 LEX: SPL Max. obtained / 144 dB Real frequency response / 25 Hz at 150 Hz Tuning / 35 Hz

PULSE MAXX: SPL Max. obtained / 146 dB Real frequency response / 40 Hz at 20 kHz Tuning / 60 Hz

Polar pattern response graphics

Test / W&dB Pulse Maxx amplifiers

To feed the system, two types of racks are offered, one with digital amplifiers with external DSP and another option with digital amplifiers with integrated DSP, both options are perfectly valid since there are those who prefer to have the processors outside the amplifiers and other users that prefer to use amplifiers with integrated DSP, therefore, to please everyone, we can acquire the system in one of the two ways and with the presets included in both versions, the option of amplifiers with integrated DSP is slightly more expensive than the first.

Features Rack C

  • Floating Rack Tour Pro.
  • Latest generation DSP with FIRR and IRR filters.
  • DSP remote control via Ethernet or Wifi.
  • Four-channel amplifiers.
  • 4 x 2100 W at 4 Ω
  • 4 x 2500 W at 2 Ω
  • 2 x 4800 W at 8 Ω (Bridge)
  • 2 x 5000 W at 4 Ω (Bridge)
  • AC / DC distributor with multimeter / phasimeter.


Specifications Rack A

  • Rack Floating Tour Pro.
  • Integrated DSP filters FIRR and IRR.
  • DSP remote control via Ethernet or Wifi.
  • Four-channel amplifiers with DSP
  • 4 x 3000 W at 4 Ω
  • 4 x 3000 W at 2 Ω
  • 2 x 5900 W at 8 Ω (Bridge)
  • 2 x 6050 W at 4 Ω (Bridge)
  • AC / DC distributor with multimeter / fasimeter.

DSP CHARACTERISTICS Same characteristics as the RACK C

Test / W&dB Pulse Maxx. Space and load

One of the best advantages of this new system is what it occupies when it is loaded, which is half the average of any other large format high performance system, for example, with 12 cabinets of the Pulse Maxx, we have a surface line of speakers radiation of 8m, to achieve the same result with an equivalent system in performance for example, a K1 of L-Acoustics, we need to use 18 cabinets, if we take another example, this time, with a Martin Audio MLA system, to cover the same radiation surface which is obtained with 12 boxes of the Pulse Maxx, we would need to use 21 cabinets of the MLA system.

Test / W&dB Pulse Maxx Space and load

On this page we show a graphical comparison of the space it occupies into a truck, taking as reference the real dimensions of a standard trailer of 13 m in length, 2.42 m in width and a height of 2.4 m.
The Pulse Maxx system saves an average of 50% of space, when the material is multiplied by four, it saves a truck load to give an example, this is a very important economic advantage, it also speeds up the work by optimizing the load for the rest of the stuff needed for an event. To summarize, 12 cabinets of the Pulse Maxx system are equivalent in performance and coverage to 18 and 21 units respectively of the other two brands, therefore, in the other two cases, even the amount of cabinets stored is greater, the speaker surface radiation it’s the same

Test / W&dB Pulse Maxx Score

As a final comment, we can assure, at least that, this system, has one of the highest ratings in relation to any other PA system in terms of sound quality, by size / performance, there is nothing equal to it available in the market.

Image of the EQ of the live mixer with the Pulse Maxx system, practically flat the EQ on the table.

Photo of the Pulse Maxx tests in large format.

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