Welcome to W&DB

W&dB is a company founded in 1998 in the city of Vigo in northwestern Spain. Since the creation of this brand, the philosophy of work has always been to manufacture and offer the best solutions in the field of professional sound. W&dB is a company currently dedicated to three lines of business; the OEM market, the design of electroacoustic-electronics and a new line of product dedicated to end customer. This product delivers new high quality solutions to help solve your every need in the field of the Professional Audio and professional sound equipment installation.


Quality is one of the priorities in our line of work.


Each element has been made to be functional and elegant.


Investigation on development and technological innovation I+D+I, are part on our company that is technologically independent.

Our customers say …

We sounded like we had never imagined with Vento 3

Raúl Romero

Technical director, Cinema group

The response of this device is amazing with a perfect dynamic range for the final mix

Daniel de Celis

Sound technician, Cinema group

Since we have this device, everyone tells us that we sound much better

Diego Grande

Guitarist..., América group

The subwoofer of this device  has a brutal power !!!!!

David Failde

Drums, América group

The new Vento Bonsai

The Vento Bonsai is the first "Line Array" system reduced to scale with all the details in miniature. This system is designed for fixedinstallations and DJ’s. The Vento Bonsai incorporates two 3 "loudspeakers with a real power of 60 W AES, these mini-transducers...

The largest mobile scenario in Spain

The Kubo Orchestra is a new project in the sector of the verbenas in the northwest zone, this new project has well-known musicians of the musical panorama of this sector.What is unique about this new project is the huge size of this new mobile stage, with a length of...