This model is made of laminate moisture resistant Baltic birch. The coating paint is Polyurethane and the fittings are made of high quality steel. Its smart design optimizes the load space.

  • Two way Matrix Array system.
  • Includes eight 3” of high power transducers and very high sensitivity.
  • Includes one high sensitivity treble driver.
  • Includes SB15 / SB18 Self-powered subwoofer.
  • Includes “U-Bracket” accessory.
  • Up to four units can be arranged in a single system.
  • Available for both touring and fixed installation.
  • This model works at very high levels of SPL with very low distortion, the coverage in length is more than 30 m. with very low distortion levels and a high SPL for the size it has.


Transducers 8 x 3” 1 x 0,5”
Coverage 60º Horiz. x 40º Vertical
Nominal impedance
Power AES 265W
Maximun Peak SPL 123 dB SPL
Frecuency Range 120 Hz to 20 kHz
Sensibility (1 W@ 1m) 103 dB
Weigth 5 Kg
Enclosure Geometry Rectangular
Angle adjustment  –
Dimensions (WxHxD) 279 x 279 x 101,5 mm.
Enclosure Material 9 mm Birch Plywood
Rigging Steel
Finish Polyurethane
Colour Black
Connections 2 x Speakon NL4


Transducer 15″ / 18”
Amplification Pascal Audio + DSP
Nominal Impedance 8Ω / 8Ω
Power AES 128 dB / 131 dB
Max. Peak SPL 100 dB / 104 dB
Freq. Range 35 Hz to 150 Hz
Sensibility (1 W@ 1m) 100 dB / 104 dB
Weight 35 kg / 45 kg
Dimensions 434 x 434 x 610 mm.    506 x 506 x 610 mm.
Enclosure Material Wisa Plywood Byrch
Finish Polyurethane
Connections 2 x Speakon NL4